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Taking care of that beard doesn't have to be painful and time consuming! Let Beard Commander show you the way! Our industry leading offerings bring out the best in your man fur, while maintaining and conditioning your ferocious face. Our vast array of masculine scents are perfect for any beard looking to treat himself to an unparalleled beard experience.

Beard Commander began back in 2011 as an idea and grew into a reality soon after. Before long the demand for product grew as word spread far and wide of the incredible benefits of Wonder Balm, turning even the toughest critics(and beards) into believers.

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We sponsor some very unique heroes. Most are adaptive athletes with artificial limbs from injuries sustained in combat. We also partner with the organization Warrior Fitness Center in San Antonio, TX, where we sponsor veterans who are in need of training and assistance to overcome both their mental and physical hardships. We aren't going to sit around and wait for the government to maybe provide some type of care in a few years, we help make it happen, TODAY.

One of our premier and longest tenured sponsored veterans is Jose Luis Sanchez. Jose is a Marine, now retired, after being wounded in Afghanistan in October of 2011, which resulted in the amputation of his left leg below the knee. Since his injury, Jose has become an Adaptive Athlete hoping to inspire and motivate others all around the world. He has an amazing witness to others, and has the moto, Rise Above Hardship, or "RAH" for short. He is also the owner and producer of his own brand, RAH Productions. We are honored to be invested in such an incredibly strong willed patriot like Jose. His spirit, drive, and determination will humble the most boastful of attitudes and motivate even the weakest and most troubled. Together, we truly can make a difference. Semper Fi !!

"Shave When You're Dead!"

"Shave When You're Dead!"

Scott Osiier 

Owner & operator Scott Osiier has a passion for helping every beard be at its best.